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The lost Tajiks of Pakistan

DUSHANBE, AUG 22 (DNA) – The medieval Mumlikat-e-Gibar of northeastern Afghanistan and the northern areas of Pakistan was established as a Muslim Tajik sultanate in about 1190 AD, being ruled in tandem by two brothers. Sultan Bahram and Sultan Pakhal (or Fahkal) Gibari were the scions of an earlier local Tajik princely dynasty of Zoroastrian converts, ruling the famous Pech Valley area in Kunar (Afghanistan). Hence their family name Gibari which was taken from “Gabr”, a term used derogatively by early Arabs for unconverted Zoroastrians. The brothers were sons of Sultan Kehjaman, son of Sultan Hindu of Pech.


Muslim national council to help ’embed Islam in a 21st-century British context’

LONDON, AUG 21 (DNA) – Britain’s Muslim clerics are going to set up their first national council in which the most senior imams are to issue progressive religious rulings in order to “embed Islam in a 21st-century British context.” Qari Asim, one of the prominent imams in Britain, said the authority will promote an interpretation of Islam in line with British values. Asim, who is the chief imam of Makkah mosque in Leeds, said British Muslims needed an authoritative and credible voice that could speak out on the issues as diverse as terrorism, organ donation and Islamophobia.

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London acid attack: Assault victim Jameel Mukhtar says he’s ruined for life

LONDON, AUG 19 (DNA) – “I can’t be around anybody, I’m embarrassed to even talk to people,” says Jameel Mukhtar. “I don’t go outside anymore, I can’t even look at myself in the mirror.” It is almost two months since he was doused with acid through a car window as he waited at traffic lights with his cousin, Resham Khan, after celebrating her 21st birthday. Muktar remembers the liquid feeling cold, and then starting to burn, melting through his skin, clothes and shoes. Unable to see, he crashed the car and dragged Khan out of the passenger seat, stripping off her burning clothes and banging on the doors of nearby homes for water to wash off the burning liquid.


Taking aim at China, India tightens power grid, telecoms rules

NEW DELHI, AUG 18 (DNA) – India is tightening the rules for businesses entering its power transmission sector and making stringent checks on both power and telecoms equipment for malware – moves that government and industry officials say aim to check China’s advance into sensitive sectors. Chinese firms such as Harbin Electric (1133.HK), Dongfang Electronics (000682.SZ), Shanghai Electric (601727.SS) and Sifang Automation either supply equipment or manage power distribution networks in 18 cities in India.


A fallen soldier’s flag returned to his family after 72 years

TOKYO, AUG 17 (DNA) – A U.S. Marine who served during the World War II traveled back to Japan to return a Japanese flag he found on the body of an enemy soldier. Marvin Strombo found the Japanese flag and vowed to return it to the family of the fallen soldier. Former Marine Marvin Strombo, 93, holds a Japanese flag during a press conference in Tokyo. Strombo came to Japan to return the calligraphy-covered keepsake he took from a fallen Japanese soldier during World War II.


India, China troops in high-altitude clash

SRINAGAR, AUG 16 (DNA) – Indian and Chinese troops clashed briefly on a disputed area of land in the Himalayas, officials said Wednesday, exacerbating tensions during a months-long stand-off between the two armies. Chinese troops threw stones at Indian soldiers near Pangong Lake, a major tourist attraction in the picturesque mountain region of Ladakh on Tuesday, an Indian defence official said. He said Chinese soldiers had twice tried to enter the Indian territory but had been pushed back.


Death Toll in Nepal Floods Climb to 91, 38 Still Missing

The death toll in rain- triggered floods and landslides in Nepal has climbed to 91 with 38 persons still missing and over six million people affected by natural calamity. Nepal Ministry of Home Affairs said 2,847 houses were completely damaged in the disaster, My Republica reported. “A committee was formed under the coordination of Home Minister Janardan Sharma to tally details of the loss. The chief secretary and secretaries of 12 ministries are members of the committee,” Ram Krishna Subedi, spokesperson of the Home Ministry, was quoted by the report.