Chief Editor: Ansar Mahmood Bhatti

Who will the next Dean of diplomatic corps?

ISLAMABAD (DNA) – The debate as to who will be next Dean of Diplomatic Corps has started heating up as the incumbent Dean of Diplomatic Corps Ambassador of Kazakhstan is likely to leave Pakistan this month. Following is the list of the probables for this coveted slot. It was not at all considered a coveted slot however the previous Dean of Diplomatic Corps Ambassador of Argentina Rodolfo Martin J. Saravia made it coveted. Diplomatic sources believe Ambassador Rodolfo did focus much on the office of the Dean rather than focusing on promoting his country’s relations with Pakistan.

After Ambassador of Kazakhstan following nine ambassadors are senior most in the seniority list. Mr. Mohammad Ebrahim Abdul Qadar, Ambassador of Bahrain, who is Ambassador since 2007, as per rules, should assume charge of the Dean office, however he may NOT be interested in Deanship.

(02) Ambassador of Bulgaria (03), Ambassador of Ukraine (04), Ambassador of Turkmenistan (05), Ambassador of Hungary (06), Ambassador of Jordan (07), Ambassador of Palestine (08), Ambassador of Lebanon (09) and Ambassador of Tajikistan (10).

It may be mentioned here that the Dean is appointed on the basis of seniority. However if the immediate senior most diplomat declines to take charge the next senior ambassador in line then assumes the office.

Diplomatic News Agency (DNA)