Chief Editor: Ansar Mahmood Bhatti

National Day of Brazil turns into a complete mess

ISLAMABAD, SEPT 05 (DNA) – Embassy of Brazil hosted National Day reception, which turned out to be a complete mess as the Chief Guest Federal Minister for Federal Education and Professional Training Shafqat Mahmood tried to leave the reception half way.

It is very rare in diplomatic receptions that the chief guest leaves the place before end of formal program. Upon intervention of some dignitaries the minister decided to came back but just for a while and till the cake cutting.

According to sources, Ambassador of Brazil made a long speech. People at receptions normally do not like long speeches. But what added fuel to the fire was speech of a lady cartoonist who appeared on the stage and started talking.

As per diplomatic norms after the Ambassador the chief guests says few words if he wishes so and then national anthems and cake cutting ceremonies take place.

But in this case, the lady cartoonist started to deliver her speech which, for many was irrelevant, long and monotonous. The Brazil embassy officials soon realized that the speech of lady is not going well and people have got bored. But no intervention was made to stop her.

Upon seeing this entire drama,  chief guest Federal Minister Shafqat Mahmood took the initiative and rose to seek host’s permission to leave the venue. The Minister’s move put the hosts in trouble. They then immediately cut the ceremony short. The cake cutting ceremony normally takes place at the stage however since minister had already stepped down the stage therefore the cake cutting ceremony was performed haphazardly.

Another annoying scene was witnessed when all local people huddled together at the stage thus not allowing even a single ambassador to share stage with the host ambassador. Many dignitaries left the venue in protest. Many guests were seen mumbling that they will not attend the Brazil reception again.=DNA