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ADEL ELARBI: It was an honour to serve in Pakistan

The Ambassador of Tunisia and Dean of African Group Adel Elarbi talked to CENTRELINE and DNA news agency on a variety of issues. He also talked about his priorities as Dean of African Group. Ambassador Adel is leaving Pakistan in July after completing his term. He particularly mentioned his efforts that he made to promote bilateral relations during his tenure. Here are excerpts from his interview.


Q1: Since you are leaving Pakistan after completing a successful term in Pakistan. Please share with us the efforts that you undertook to promote bilateral relations?

Ikram Mohammad Ibrahim: Malaysia-Pakistan: An enduring partnership and brotherhood

High Commissioner of Malaysia H.E. Ikram Mohammad Ibrahim talks to Centreline and DNA

By Ansar Mahmood Bhatti

The diplomatic relations between Malaysia and Pakistan was established 62 years ago, on 31 August 1957 – the date of the independence of the then-Malaya from the British.  Pakistan was the 17th State that diplomatically recognised Malaya.

Barlybay Sadykov Kazakhstan keen to diversify ties with Pakistan

Barlybay Sadykov Kazakhstan keen to diversify ties with Pakistan

Ambassador of Kazakhstan talks to CENTRELINE and DNA

Ansar Mahmood Bhatti

Ambassador of Kazakhstan Barlybay Sadykov talked to CENTRELINE and Diplomatic News Agency (DNA). He talked about various aspects of Kazakhstan-Pakistan ties. Here is the text of his interview.

Prof. Julius Bitok: Pakistan needs to reach out to Kenya

Prof. Julius Bitok:    Pakistan needs to reach out to Kenya  

An interview with High Commissioner of Kenya

Ansar Mahmood Bhatti


High Commissioner of Kenya Prof. Julius Bitok gave an exclusive interview to Centreline and Diplomatic News Agency (DNA). The high Commissioner talked about a variety of issues including trade, economy, culture, tourism etc. He especially talked about his stay in Pakistan. Here are excerpts from his interview.

Indonesia for deeper trade relations with Pakistan, ENGGARTIASTO LUKITA

An Interview with the Trade Minister of INDONESIA



The Trade Minister of Indonesia Mr. Enggartiasto Lukita talked exclusively to Diplomatic News Agency (DNA) and CENTRELINE on the sidelines of the Trade Expo 2018, held in Jakarta. The minister in his interview wished to have even deeper and close trade relations with Pakistan, adding huge business potential exists between the two countries. The minister and hinted at concluding FTA with Pakistan in coming days. Excerpts from the interview are given below.

TAKASHI KURAI: Japan to continue supporting Pakistan for its stability and development

Ambassador of Japan talks to CENTRELINE and Diplomatic News Agency (DNA)


Ansar Mahmood Bhatti

  •  As we know, Japan remains one of the major bilateral development partners to Pakistan. Can you please highlight some salient features of this cooperation?

Before anything, I should like to make sure that the very basis of Japan’s assistance to Pakistan is a notion that its stability and development is important not only for Pakistan but also for the whole region of South Asia and beyond. I believe that no one would deny the significance stemming from its geographical location of the country.

Pakistan a trusted friend and partner for Indonesia, says Ambassador Amri

Ambassador of Indonesia talks to Centreline & DNA

Ansar Mahmood Bhatti

 How would you describe political and cultural relations between Pakistan and Indonesia and how can these relations be further cemented?

Indonesia and Pakistan enjoy a unique and interesting history of close bilateral relations, which existed even before the independence of the two countries. The people of the two nations were also connected to each other during their freedom struggle from the colonial rule.