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Indonesia for deeper trade relations with Pakistan, ENGGARTIASTO LUKITA

An Interview with the Trade Minister of INDONESIA



The Trade Minister of Indonesia Mr. Enggartiasto Lukita talked exclusively to Diplomatic News Agency (DNA) and CENTRELINE on the sidelines of the Trade Expo 2018, held in Jakarta. The minister in his interview wished to have even deeper and close trade relations with Pakistan, adding huge business potential exists between the two countries. The minister and hinted at concluding FTA with Pakistan in coming days. Excerpts from the interview are given below.

TAKASHI KURAI: Japan to continue supporting Pakistan for its stability and development

Ambassador of Japan talks to CENTRELINE and Diplomatic News Agency (DNA)


Ansar Mahmood Bhatti

  •  As we know, Japan remains one of the major bilateral development partners to Pakistan. Can you please highlight some salient features of this cooperation?

Before anything, I should like to make sure that the very basis of Japan’s assistance to Pakistan is a notion that its stability and development is important not only for Pakistan but also for the whole region of South Asia and beyond. I believe that no one would deny the significance stemming from its geographical location of the country.

Pakistan a trusted friend and partner for Indonesia, says Ambassador Amri

Ambassador of Indonesia talks to Centreline & DNA

Ansar Mahmood Bhatti

 How would you describe political and cultural relations between Pakistan and Indonesia and how can these relations be further cemented?

Indonesia and Pakistan enjoy a unique and interesting history of close bilateral relations, which existed even before the independence of the two countries. The people of the two nations were also connected to each other during their freedom struggle from the colonial rule.

Mohammed Karmoune : Morocco fully supports Pakistan’s ‘Look Africa’ policy

Ambassador of Morocco talks to Centreline and DNA

Ansar Mahmood Bhatti

Please give us a review of Moroccan and Pakistan bilateral Relations?

Since the establishment of diplomatic relations between the Kingdom of Morocco and the Islamic Republic of Pakistan in 1958, the relationships between the two countries, are marked by their harmonious and evolving character, therefore, subsequently this has been mutually beneficially in convergence of points of view of both countries within international bodies. Essentially, these relations are enriched by the common Islamic cultural heritage. Relations between Morocco and Pakistan are governed by a diversified legal framework encompassing several cooperation agreements in the diplomatic, economic, cultural, scientific and technical fields. Importantly, despite the diversity of the framework governing bilateral relations, the level of cooperation achieved so far is still limited.

Erik Beishembiev Kyrgyzstan, Pakistan enjoy excellent relations

Ambassador of Kyrgyzstan talks to Centreline and DNA

Ansar Mahmood Bhatti

 The history of Kyrgyzstan including life style, historical background, tourist destinations, cuisine The history of Kyrgyzstan goes back more than two thousandyears and Kyrgyz are one of the oldest peoples of Central Asia. The early Kyrgyz people, known as Yenisei Kyrgyz, have their origins in the western parts of modern-day Mongolia and first appear in written records in the Chinese annals of the Sima Qian‘s Records of the Grand Historian (compiled 109 BC to 91 BC).

RADWAN LOUTFI: Syrians determined to thwart aggression

An interview with Ambassador of Syria

Ansar Mahmood Bhatti

1-Let us begin with latest security situation in Syria. Can you please update our readers with some background information of the situation and how it all happened?

It’s really a very important question for anyone who likes to know the truth about this crisis which has prevailed on this country, which is dear to all Arabs and Muslims.

Ismail Selim Ecirli : Turkish Airlines fully equipped to match challenges

General Manager Turkish Airlines talks to Centreline & DNA

Ansar Mahmoo Bhatti

 Turkish Airlines, within a very short period of time, has become one of the most popular airlines in Pakistan. Can you please share with us the secret of Turkish Airlines success in Pakistan?

I think it is due to a number of factors. Turkish Airlines is offering a quality product in Pakistan utilizing wide body aircrafts with spacious cabins. We are offering seamless connections via our hub in Istanbul to more than 120 countries around the world. Our on board catering, lounge facilities and inflight entertainment systems are world class. These factors all have led to success in Pakistan.