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Japan team transplants stem cells into brain to treat Parkinson’s

Japanese researchers said Friday they have transplanted stem cells into the brain of a patient in the first stage of an innovative trial to cure Parkinson’s disease.The research team at Kyoto University injected induced Pluripotent Stem (iPS) cells — which have the potential to develop into any cell in the body — into the brain of a male patient in his fifties, the university said in a press release.

Air pollution kills 600,000 children every year, WHO report

GENEVA, (DNA) – : Air pollution kills an estimated 600,000 children every year and causing symptoms ranging from loss of intelligence to obesity and ear infections but there is a limited amount parents can do, a World Health Organization report said on Monday.

Adult bones healthier when kids participate in organized sports

SYDNEY: (DNA) –  Young adults who played in organized sports as children and teens have stronger bones than peers who were less active as kids, a new study suggestsAustralian researchers found boys and girls who consistently participated in sports between the ages of 5 and 17 ended up with better bone density at age 20 than those who dropped out or never played, according to the results in the Journal of Bone and Mineral Research.

Be aware of Cancer and its signs: Prevention is always better than cure

Cancer is causing more deaths in world than cardiac diseases. Prime reasons for this disease are the consumption of alcohol, smoking, and Tobacco. Other reasons include savage consumption of junk food or food preserved in plastic bags, and environment pollution. This deadly disease has four stages. It is better to become conscious of it as early as possible. This is because at the earlier stages, it is curable and can be rooted out of the body.

Vitamin B may boost kidney function in young diabetics

ISLAMABAD: (DNA) –  Adolescents suffering from Type-1 diabetes may benefit from Vitamin B supplements as it improves kidney functions by protecting against development and progression of renal diseases, a new study has found.

Weight loss challenge- Spanish town wants to shed 100,000 kilos

SPAIN: (DNA) –  In a remote area of northwestern Spain, a small town has set itself the ultimate weight loss challenge: by early 2020, its residents must shed 100,000 kilos (220,500 pounds).Gone are bacon and fried calamari from the diets of thousands of residents in Naron who are taking to sport again as part of a slimming programme that kicked off in January.

Electrode treatment, physical therapy combination lets two paralyzed people walk again

LONDON: (DNA) – Doctors in Kentucky reported Monday that two of four paralyzed patients were able to walk again with limited assistance after treatment with electrical stimulation to the portion of the spinal cord cut off from the brain, combined with intense physical therapy.