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Landmark ECO Summit by Ansar Mahmood Bhatti

The Economic Cooperation Organisation (ECO) Summit in Islamabad on March 01 was indeed a significant event particularly from Pakistan’s stand point because despite some forces that tried to sabotage and create instability within the country, the summit was indeed held and generally met its objectives. Tremendous credit must go to the countries whose heads of state and government came to attend the summit despite the volatile situation in our country after a spate of terrorist attacks that took scores of precious lives. Likewise, kudos to our government and our foreign policy bosses for successful holding of the summit, even if it implied having a fortress defence for the capital, Islamabad. Of course much more needs to be done to facilitate and host similar summits in order to promote a peaceful image of Pakistan both at home and abroad.

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Testing times for America under Donald Trump by Ansar M Bhatti

Within a little over a week in the Oval Office, Donald Trump perhaps the most controversial President in the making, has already started making headlines. A flurry of executive orders continued unabated, giving birth to innumerable controversies and heated debates. Hitherto, he is regarded as a man who wants to turn America into a fortress by erecting walls and ex-communicating with the outer world, in the name of protecting and preserving the national interest of America and the Americans. Analysts fear, with this ostrich-like approach of Mr. Trump could lead towards alienation of the US both at home and aboard.As Donald Trump was sworn in as the 45th President of the United States, thousands of protesters showed up near the inauguration ceremony to express their disapproval for the new leader.  The protesters tried to block the access to the inauguration venue.

The year 2016 in review

Ansar Mahmood Bhatti

Yet another tumultuous year comes to an end! 2016 witnessed some very interesting events both in the diplomatic as well the political arena. At the diplomatic front, we witnessed change of guard as the Dean of Diplomatic Corps, Rodolfo Martin J Saravia left Pakistan after completing a very long tenure. As a Dean his tenure remained full of fun, challenges and controversies also. Despite all the ifs and buts his tenure as the Dean set some unique precedents making it a Herculean task for his predecessors to follow.

Ambassador Rodolfo went an extra mile to transform the office of the Dean into a “state within the state” and in some measure he accomplished this task – courtesy elements that made optimum use of his good offices to make inroads in the diplomatic community. A good majority of the diplomats were not very happy the way Ambassador Rodolfo gave a new complexion to the otherwise nondescript office of the Dean.  

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Plea bargain law NAB and political wheeling-dealing

By Ansar Mehmood Bhatti

The plea bargain law of National Accountability Bureau (NAB) is not something new as one gets an impression from the media reports and reaction of rank and file as well as political parties,emanating from the plea bargain settlement of NAB with the ex Balochistan Secretary Finance,  Mushtaq Raisani who has offered to pay Rs 2 billion. Raisani case snatched public attention when over 700 million rupees cash was recovered from his house. Corruption and politics unfortunately go hand in hand in Pakistan. More aptly said by the renowned British journalist Emma Duncan in her book Breaking the Curfew that Pakistan is a country where corruption is systematic and has deeply penetrated into higher echelons of the society.

Whither MQM? By Ansar Mahmood Bhatti

Trump wins US elections; does it make any difference?


Much to the disappointment of the majority of people in Pakistan, and elsewhere in the world, Hillary Clinton could not make it to the Oval Office. She met an ‘unexpected’ and big defeat against the business-tycoon Donald Trump. While her supporters and campaign manager are trying to figure out what actually went wrong and where, the Donald Trump camp was rightly out on a celebrations spree soon after the final results were announced.

Analysis: Why Hillary Clinton lost? By Ansar Mahmood Bhatti

So, to the much disappointment of majority of people in Pakistan Hillary Clinton could not make it to the Oval office as for many, she met with an ‘unexpected’ and big defeat against business-tycoon Donald Trump. While her supporters and campaign manager are trying to figure out what actually went wrong and where, the Donald Trump camp is rightly out on a celebrations spree.

Analysis: Imran Khan’s U-turn or a new game plan!!

Analysis: Imran Khan’s U-turn or a new game plan!!

By Ansar Mahmood Bhatti

PTI chairman Imran Khan has announced to observer Nov 02 as Youm-e-Tashakur for what he termed victory of their stand in the Supreme Court on the issue of Panama leaks. While faces of other party leaders lacked badly traditionally glow that they used to wear when their leader delivered his speeches, Imran Khan gave another call to his workers to flock to Islamabad’s Democracy Park, commonly known as the parade ground. For many Imran Khan’s decision came as a sheer surprise as they had already girded up their loins for the Nov 2 dharna. Even PML Q , perhaps the only ally of PTI in this exercise, expressed its disappointment over this decision. The most interesting remark came from Dr. Tahirul Qadri who also felt disappointed, despite the fact that he himself had taken a couple of U-turns in the past. He marched towards Islamabad two times and on both occasions he had to go back empty handed.