Chief Editor: Ansar Mahmood Bhatti

Canadian envoy recognizes Pakistani people’s democratic convictions

ISLAMABAD, JULY 27 (DNA) – High Commissioner of Canada Perry John Calderwood has greeted the Pakistani nation for participating in the general elections.In  a statement he said, “We congratulate the millions of Pakistani citizens who exercised their democratic rights by casting votes in the National Assembly and Provincial Assembly elections on July 25.

The participation of tens of millions of voters is a testament to the strong democratic convictions of the people of Pakistan”.

“We are saddened by the incidents of violence which occurred on July 25 and in the lead-up to the election, resulting in significant loss of life,  Canada condemns these senseless acts and vicious attacks on democracy and conveys its condolences to the families of those whose lives were lost, as well as those injured.

“Canada is deeply concerned by reports of irregularities raised by the Human Rights Commission of Pakistan and others about the electoral process.  These include curbs on freedom of expression during the lead-up to the elections and the participation of proscribed groups and individuals in the electoral process.

We call on Pakistan’s government and institutions to respect and uphold the right of the Pakistani people to peaceful, free, and democratic elections. “he added.-DNA