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10 days in Wonderful Indonesia

By Ansar M Bhatti

The Indonesian embassy in Islamabad arranged a Familiarization Trip for Pakistani media persons titled FAMTRIP 2019, albeit this time with new destinations. The trip started with participants’ participation in 34th Indonesia Trade Expo that took place in Jakarta from October 16 to 20. Hundreds of delegates from across the globe chose to be part of this mega event with a sizeable representation from Pakistan also. Every year businessmen and even visitors from various countries find it convenient to attend this expo with a view to not only exploring Indonesian potential in different fields but to forge business partnerships as well. The regular holding of this expo is a clear manifestation of its success and utility. Hats therefore off to the incumbent Indonesia government spearheaded by President Joko Widodo under whose guidelines such expos are organized in order to make Indonesia better understand in the outer world besides showcasing its real potential.

The Kashmir issue and  Pakistan’s options by Ansar M Bhatti

August 5, 2019 decision of Indian parliament to change status of Kashmir seems to have backfired as Modi government since then is struggling against all sorts of odds both at home and abroad. The Congress party, the main opposition party in India, has already girded up its loins against BJP thus giving it a tough time to the extent that the Modi government, out of sheer frustration, has started a political witch-hunt. It is also because of this frustration that the incumbent Indian government has resorted to persecution of minorities including a vast Muslim population. The Indian govt presumably wants to muzzle all dissenting voices being raised after its unlawful and unwarranted action in occupied Kashmir without knowing the fact that all such coercive measures would ultimately end up in uniting the suppressed class of so-called biggest democracy of the world. Such tactics would surely prove a recipe of disaster for India particularly in Kashmir.

Pakistan’s image problem and Western propaganda-II

by Ansar Mahmood Bhatti

Apart from external factors, various internal factors have also contributed towards Pakistan’s skewed image both at home and abroad. Let us begin with the role of Ministry of Foreign Affairs with regard to projection of soft image of country and its handling of foreign missions based in Islamabad or in other cities of Pakistan. During past few years, especially when a junior officer was elevated to the post of Foreign Secretary, things went topsy-turvy at the Ministry. This development not only impacted badly upon the internal working but it also contributed towards straining of relations with various foreign missions – whose biggest complaint was non-addressal of even their petty issues.

Govt introduces new visa regime; will it really help? By Ansar Mahmood Bhatti

Pakistan’s image problem and Western propaganda BY ANSAR M BHATTI

The British Broadcasting Corporation on June 02, 2019 published a news report about Pakistan military’s operation in tribal areas giving an impression as if Pakistan Army were committing “atrocities” in the region. The report also accused the armed forces of Pakistan of ‘violating’ human rights and suppressing the voice of the local people. Pakistan Army came up with a matching response with complete facts and figures and later sent a detailed dossier to the BBC and the British regulator asking the organization to tender apology.

Fake marriages: is it an offshoot of CPEC ? By Ansar Mahmood Bhatti

The heart rending stories of fake Chinese marriages have jolted all and sundry both in Pakistan and China. Tales of utmost misery and painful ordeals a number of Pakistani girls underwent at the hands of Chinese fake grooms and their Pakistani facilitators speaks volumes for the cruelness and apathy of the society as a whole especially towards the have-nots in Pakistan. Poverty was a curse and continues to be a curse in this land of the pure.

LUQMAN ALI AFZAL Hospitality industry vital role in tourism promotion By Ansar Mahmood Bhatti

Founder and CEO of Monal Group Luqman Ali Afzal gave an exclusive interview to CENTRELINE and DNA news agency. Luqman, in a very short span of time, has excelled in the hospitality business. In recognition of his services, the President of Pakistan Arif Alvi bestowed upon him the prestigious Pride of Performance award. He has given the best period of his life in promoting and cultivating a new breed in culinary and hospitality industry.

What is the likely future of CPEC? By Ansar Mahmood Bhatti

Ever since the PTI government has taken charge of affairs, progress on CPEC seems to have slowed down considerably.In Nawaz Sharif tenure the project progressed at a phenomenal speed with Chinese companies and workers gate-crashing into Pakistan to explore various avenues of cooperation and business opportunities.At one point, it was believed that CPEC was going to change dynamics of the region in terms of socio-economic development and impression was given as if the lot of have-nots in Pakistan were about to change.Nevertheless with PTI government now in command, it appears as if CPEC has become history, at least for the moment.