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US-Taliban Doha deal

By Ansar Mahmood Bhatti

The US and Taliban , in the presence of Afghan leadership and representatives of key stakeholders, struck an ‘historic’ deal in Doha on February 29, 2020 with a view to pulling the war-torn country out of chaos and turmoil.  The country has been bearing the brunt of upheavals of various sorts for last four decades. Over two million people, most of them, innocent, have lost their lives while millions rendered homeless.

Parliamentary Elections in Azerbaijan By Ansar Mahmood Bhatti

Azerbaijan, an important transcontinental country with a population of around 10.14 million inhabitants, steadily continues its journey towards development and modernization after declaring its independence from Soviet Union in 1991.The architect of the Republic Heydar Aliyev incurred upon himself the onus of driving the nascent republic to a modern and forward looking state where people of all nationalities, religions and faiths could co-exist happily.After passing away of Heyder Aliyev his son Ilham Aliyev stepped into shoes of his father with a view to not only furthering his agenda of development and harmony but to make Azerbaijan a leading regional and global player.

New Uzbekistan-New Opportunities By Ansar M Bhatti

Uzbekistan is one of those countries that have made progress in all spheres by leaps and bounds. Development activities in this landlocked country got an added spur when President Shavkat Mirziyoyev took over after demise of Islam Karimov, the architect of modern Uzbekistan. Since then the country is constantly on the move. The Uzbek leadership is keen to not only improve infrastructural network in the country but to bring the less privileged class at par with those who have access to all modern facilities. The beauty of Uzbek system is that everybody has access to basic amenities of life. Education is free. Everybody gets free healthcare facilities no matter he or she belongs to government or private sector. Even those who do not have a job can enjoy all such facilities.

Uzbekistan safest country to travel and invest

By Ansar Mahmood Bhatti

TASHKENT: Uzbekistan, ever since President Shaukat  Shavkat Mirziyoyev has assumed charge of his office, is constantly on the move. The country is fast developing into hub of tourism activities. Besides, Uzbekistan leadership has sought to open up to the outer world with a view to inculcating deeper and stronger relations with various nations. Uzbekistan was once at the heart of the ancient Silk Road trade route connecting China with the Middle East and Rome. The country spent most of the past 200 years as part of the Russian Empire, and then of the Soviet Union, before emerging as an independent state when Soviet rule ended in 1991.

Tashkent Osh Pilaf Center: a must visit place for pullao lovers

By Ansar Mahmood Bhatti

TASHKENT: The Pakistani delegation that arrived in Tashkent to observe the upcoming parliamentary and local govt elections, was given a warm welcome upon arrival at the Tashkent International Airport. A dedicated guide for each participant and a translator made things easier.At the airport each one of us was handed over to a guide and translator. Upon seeing me Mr. Aziz and volunteer Durdano immediately rushed to me and escorted me to our hotel.

Much ado about extension, by Ansar Mahmood Bhatti


The extension of Chief of Army Staff General Qamar Javed Bajwa generated a heated debate both at home and abroad after the apex court of Pakistan suddenly took up the case and within no time announced its verdict asking the government to do legislation and devise mechanism for the appointment of the army chief. While the court verdict tended to draw mixed reaction from all strata of society, it also led to writing of articles; opinions in the print media and talks shows on the electronic media – a thing that was considered a taboo in Pakistan. Social media went one step ahead.

FAMTRIP 2019: Why not to fall in love with Bali?

Full text of this article with more pictures  to be published in the coming issue of CENTRELINE

By Ansar Mahmood Bhatti

 FAMTRIP 2019 team landed at Bali International Airport on October 21, 2019 and those of us visiting Bali for the first time were simply nonplused to see the décor and ambiance of the airport. Beautifully decorated walls; pathways littered with posters and statues depicting the lifestyle of Balinese people abruptly snatched our attention. It was my third time in Bali however the new comers could not resist themselves praising the grandeur of Bali airport. But it was just a beginning, I told them. Get ready for more adventures and eventful days ahead.